Fabulous Silicon ParadigmSynth 

NAMM: Make Noise Morphagene (Module), Synths: Studio Electronics Juno, Fabulous Silicon „Paradigm“ Synth, Dreadbox Abyss

  1. Make Noise Morphagene  is going the Zero-Coast-Path again with this module (Image by Richard Divine via FB) –
    it looks very interesting and it has no well known parameters, it’s for tape & microsound effects.
    it’s a stereo device -It processes audio in a delay’ish way –
    99 splices – and „genes“ can be generated and stored.
    price $529 – it is very much like a granular sampler but also a bit of an intelligent delay. I did a lot of this kind of stuff with older electribes.Introductionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XYeDwEWMA8this one explains it the best (Walker is talented in doing so)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrcw2ofNEr8
MN Morphagene via R Divine
MN Morphagene via R Divine
  • 2) Studio Electronics Boomstar Juno: you remember the boomstar series by Studio Electronics? They are basically a sort of the basic elements of a classic synth like the ARP 2600 filters and oscillators but within a handy synth. in this case it is a Roland Juno filter and OSCs used in here – it’s core is built around the filters to sound authentic but surrounded by a „boomstar“ classic synth structure.
    here’s a little reference to 3 existing boomstar synths:
    Studio Electronics Boomstar3003, Boomstar4075, Boomstar5089 subtractive,analog
    Studio Electronics BoomstarSEM subtractive,analog

  • 3.) Fabulous Silicon – Paradigm Synthesizer

ever heard of this synth with that cool name?
Fabulous Silicon Paradigm

I don’t know how it sounds – but it looks interesting.

it’s a 3 OSC analog synth with PWM, Sync and FM
2/4pole Multimode Filter (all 4 modes)
Pink/White Noise

plus hybrid part:
2 Wavetable Oscillators (digital)
+ multimode filters per note (!) – also 2/4pole/4 modes
overdrive amp

MIDI, CV, Digital Effects, Bluetooth wireless conn., USB, S/PDIF digital audio in/out

tech: four “Apex” programmable analog chips
Microcontroller / FPU: 216MHz Renesas SH726B RISC Processor
Analog Signal Processors: Anadigm Apex AN231E04 x 4

it’s a new kind of analog modeling in the „analog“ domain – it’s not something „VA“ aaand it can also change in realtime – like resoldering transistors while the synth is running.
it will be at a Kickstarter project – the synth should be ready in 1/2 year at $1249

Beitrag ansehen (deutsch)

image: (C) Kurt Ader / Facebook:

Fabulous Silicon Paradigm

  • 4. Dreadbox Abyss 
    1 OSC – 1 SUBOSC – Phaser, Delay & „Reflector“ (Phaser/Delay kind of FX)
    4 voice polyphonic
    2 LFOs
NAMM 2017: Dreadbox ABYSS Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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