Ambient Event Music 

16.4. Phobos – RAPOON (gb), BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE (swe), INADE (ger)

gestern / yesterday @ dark ambient festival Phobos, Wuppertal / Germany.

  1. INADE (ger) – super impact (at least on me), voices, and processing these 2 wind instruments. also some little and big and other beats that do not really look like „beats“.. since I missed almost everything of their set @ Maschinenfest – thanks! was worth it. dark pulsing drone plus voice makes an interesting mixture but not as morbid as Klinik or Haus Arafna are, it’s just „dark“ – so it’s a different interesting mood..

2. BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE (swe) – colour comes from samples and constantly changing the parameters of that Nord Lead 2 – samples vs dark drone.

  1. RAPOON (gb) – very trippy psychedelic creative looping / sampling based on the Korg Microsampler. mixing even rhythms into and onto another loop..

in playing order.. / in der Reihenfolge ihres Auftritts…
(und kleine Gearshow, ist ja ein Synthesizer-Blog / and a little gearshow since this is a synth blog)
(the last image is just Wuppertal re-booting it’s signs.. G – in Wuppertal gibt es Menschentechnik mit Menschenbetriebssystemen)

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