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Synclavier in Max/MSP – Emulation

Taymur arbeitet an einem Synclavier für Max/MSP, was ein wirklich aufwendiges Projekt ist. Es wird sicher noch einige Zeit dauern, zumal man auch die Synthese mehr oder weniger kennen muss. Nur wenige hatten Zugang dazu. Ich habe mal versucht zu beschrieben, wie die wesentlichen Synthesefunktionen arbeiten.

Taymur Streng
is working hard on a Synclavier that works on and with Max/MSP.  This is still „work in progress“ since it is a lot of work for just one person.

synclavier max

Seems like the Synclavier had the following concept on FM, please post if you know it better:

there is one OSC that modulates up to 36 „Harmonics“ Oscillators. all of these OSCs have their own frequency and that modulating OSC has a ratio. All of them got an extended 6-parameter-envelope. There are 4 layers available.

there is more synthesis functions like 2 versions of resynthesis (the original has one algorithm).  And of course the 36 OSCs are for additive synthesis as well. also there is a simple wavetable concept.

so much for the synth-section (not counting in samples, that are also possible).

UPDATE 2 (5/2016) has improved…

synclavier 2

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I had only a short time on a real Synclavier, so just tell me if there’s something to add or correct. Taymur knows a lot – but we would love input (if helpful).

could take a while,…
UPDATE: btw – meanwhile there has been something by NED themselves..

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