SequencerTalk 65 Norand MonoSynth 

SequencerTalk 65 Norand Mono Synth / Sequencer Developer – Interview

SequencerTalk vs Norand Mono

we will meet the people of Norand & a new synth Norand Mono with 2 OSCs, morphable Waveforms and Crossmodulation with Sequencer on tuesday the 3rd. of November. There are a lot of modulation sources, 20 + 8 – so it is a lot more than just what it might look like.

Dean Freud and Moogulator will get you through and you can ask anything at 20:30 for 1-2hrs and re-view it later as often as you like. We will ask and explain anything from and with this new French company Norand coming from NOR and AND (digital functions)

capture and save this: 3rd.Nov.2020 – 20:30 Berlin Time (MID.EUROPEAN WINTER TIME)

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SequencerTalk 65 Norand Mono Synthesizer (Developer Talk / english) -

norand mono
norand mono synthesizer / sequencer

No Rant about Norand?

a little look – but it can do much more than Acid since it has 2 oscs, FM, etc. >> Norand

2 OSC Morph Sine-SQ,TRI,SAW

Thru-zero FM – Xmod / FM


Detune Sweep, Quant?

3Pol Filter LP-HP-BP „Color“

Filter FM

  • 13x AD envelopes
  • 20x modulator(S)?

40 mods /Project = 40 motion rec / Project?

666€ pro order, later 850€

Resonanz Bass/Level-Kompensation? ja/ yes

Demos „a World of Modulations“

Seq 64 Step, Roll/Ratchet per Step inkl Parameter-Locks

2048 Patterns


lfos = 10kHz!

„no / keine 303“

Motion Record wie viele? löschen einzelner Automations?

AFX Mode 40 Timbres umschaltbar – like the BS2 AFX Mode!

„a ton of creative features“

1024x Undo!

32 projects x 64 patches

Accents = full vel? or sound changes?

Propbability, Ratchet, Microtiming-Shifts

Norand SequencerTalk65
Norand SequencerTalk65

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