7.11. Ludwigshafen – Raster Noton – „we try out chemistry“

they did try out chemistry – Raster Noton artists played in this order:

  1. 1.) Grischa Lichtenberger – a very fine and diverse IDM/Glitch Set – just one image but doesn’t represent his set – enoyed a lot!
    -> position from audience: second from right.
  2. 2) Anne-James Chanton – experiments with voice/speech – envolved in fine Alva Noto’s „3-letter-abbreviations-song“ incl. EMS and LFO… /
    Mac, Microphone(s)
    pos: to the right of Kyoka
  3. 3) Kyoka – darkish (slightly technoid) IDM set,
    RolandMC09. Mac
    pos: middle
  4. 4) Robert Lippok – the only hardware-oriented set incl. crackling from a bush or better branches – Push 2 in here!, a small modular with distance sensor,
    pos: second left
  5. 5) Alva Noto – very very Electro with a lot of Strobo synched to the BD // HH, sync’ed visuals
    pos: 1.st left, Ableton / iPad
  6. 6) Byetone – Numbers!
    NI Maschine, Macs, big mixer
    pos: 1.st right
  7. 7) Atom™ (Uwe Schmidt of Lassigue Bendthaus / LB, Schnittstelle, Atom Heart, Senor.Coconut uva.)  – HD Pop / Electro – sooo cool set
    MPC500 (right?), 2 Macs
    pos: 3.rd from right
    love this guy! ;) (this guy’s music!!)
  8. CHECK it yourself – some gear may not be listed correctly – I was there to enjoy music -you know where they were – so just in case..
    angekündigt war das auch hier: 7.11. Ludwigshafen – Raster Noton – mit Atom™…