Aalto looks Buchlaesque – Softsynth

This one reminds a lot of Buchla 200e’ish sound design. in fact it has a main OSC modulated by another „Mod OSC“ plus Waveshaping which isn’t a bad idea, still. They say they did it for expressiveness – true, tho‘ – so.. and here’s the link to them – and the SynthDB entry about Aalto says..

to me very usable at the smallest possible component number at maximum output and efford to get interesting sounds as fast as you can beside a very classic structure of a – say – Nord Lead … if you were to make a hardware synth, mabye look at this synth to have a good start to work with…

Madrona Labs

remember that ribbon-kind of controller? well it was them (or him)..

aalto20100627.gif 768 × 480 Pixel.

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