ACIDLAB Synthesizer Sequenzer

Acidlab Bassline synthesizerAcidlab Bassline (built 2005)
Analog Synthesizer + TR sequencer

Acidlab Bassline2, BasslineMk2 synthesizerAcidlab Bassline 2, Bassline Mk 2 (built 2006)
Analog Synthesizer + TR sequencer

Acidlab Bombass synthesizerAcidlab Bombass (built 2006)
Analog Synthesizer

ACIDLAB Synthesizer Sequenzer by Moogulator SEQUENCER.DE SYNTH DataBase digital analog modular software computer.

just added the Acidlab Synths and Sequencers to the SynthDB. All shots made at Bluesynths Meetig 2008. (See prev. Post).

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