Synthesizer Factory (designed by Anyware) Module Synth – a module sized synth

UPDATE with help of Anyware (maker of the Tinysizer and Semtex) and Michael S. created a new module, that is in fact a full blown synth than just a module in size. And a new name – Synthesizer Factory is the brand and distribution, Synth Machine the product name. – so this is NOT an Anyware product, so please file under Synthesizer Factory

analog Synthesizer/ Eurorack.
2 Vco`s
Ringmodulation, White & Pink Noise.
„really fat sound“.

pic src – Michael Schweikard

Modular connections. Sample & Hold. Lots of patchable things. Quality based on Tinysizer !
VCF / VCA / VCF with Modulation,
High Gain out
Pre Filter Input
Ext Modulation In / Audio In
External VCF In
Frequency Modulation
LFO with 3 speed range switch!

Dimensions: 42TE, Depth 2.8cm

Forum • Anyware Modul.

Update:  Synth Machine Face Plate

will be 399€. (der VK wird dies sein ) and here’s where to buy -> und hier wird es ihn geben:

Nice cloud design. synth’s in the cloud that are hardware! (logo, now away..)

but replaced by some first demo..

Weitere Demos im Forum, nur eingeloggten zugänglich / sichtbar  -> Anyware Modul – Synth Machine

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