Apple: iOs7 – features

all the new ios7 features – iRadio is new – quite like Pandora searching for songs based on bands ..

new design – much clearer – and 3D backgrounds when moving the iDevice (by the built in accelerometer/Gyroscope..)
real multitasking with triggering signal systems -could be interesting for audio.

here’s Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook and some quick visual overview about the new features – the best ones are those how to organized photos by location, events and time/date! ..
cool in iPhone: Brightness, little lamp all at once, no longer searching for the settings – just one move as well as new gestures, new safari browsing with full screen – no „realistig“ bullshit at the look – well done – same with OS X Mavericks!

some functions do only work with lightning only devices (not for that interface, but for the processor speed)

the big audio thing is app to app audio – so this may be audiobus another level (OS API)

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