Auria iPad 48-Track Recording DAW with VST support : at NAMM 2012

hmm, really wondering how they could make the iPad do 48 audio tracks and very close to DAW-editing like this – and those EQ and compressor look really cool, don’t know if they sound as good as I’d expect. But it has it’s price, to me the highest known for apps ever – $50. they even talk about VST Plugins and one being from PSP. I am not sure… but well – I did not find it on the Appstore,. maybe it’s not real? but it looks cool… especially compared to todays iPad „DAWs“. They have a booth at NAMM and they say it’s ready this year / 1st quarter – so go and check them out if you’re on the NAMM, please…

I more than strongly assume you still can record 2 tracks (1 stereo) at once – and play 48 (24 stereo tracks) at once. since there is almost no multiport audio interface that really is in use and supporte by all apps – right now – watch the multiport support – it may grow, watch iConnecticity – this may change)

AURIA: 48-Track Recording System for iPad

  • Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
  • Record up to 24 tracks at once
  • VST plugin support (iOS format only)
  • AAF Import and Export
  • Fully featured multitrack editor
  • Includes optional plugins from PSPaudioware, Fabfilter, and more

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3 Thoughts to “Auria iPad 48-Track Recording DAW with VST support : at NAMM 2012”

  1. Matze

    With the Tascam US800 you can already record 8 simultaniuos tracks in Multitrack daw for Ipad, which is allready a fantastic app, which i made stunningly good mixes with. This auria looks absolutely amacing!!! Can’t wait to read some news this weekend!!! Hopefully good news. Imagine sitting on the couch with high qualitiy headphones an making a professional mix. If the manage to implement MIDI in the near future, I’ll sell my Studio :-) (not really). But with the support of AFF, you could record with the Ipad and mix the session in your studio. Or you could record in your studio and mix in the park!!!!! OMG!!!!!

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