Korg Mini Kaoss Pad – overview NAMM 2012 synth-related links

New Korg Mini Kaoss Pad with Display and additional „slider“. There’s Vocoder in it – 24bit resolution and has SD card slot..

Filter (15), Modulation (15), LFO (20), Delay (10), Reverb (5), Looper (20), Vocoder (5), Synthesizer (10) NAMM: KORG mini KAOSS PAD 2

Kaoss Pad 2

KORG mini kaoss pad 2 : preview

Kaossilator 2
KORG kaossilator 2 : preview

Also there’s a yellow Kaossilator – same data – 50 arpeggiator patterns, 12 notes range, 150 sounds.. NAMM: KORG Kaossilator 2

Forum • KORG NAMM 2012
. Korg keeps calm and secret as well, but they seem to work on Apps they call „real thing“ to be after the 19th, well see, if it’s true, a nice gadget or instruments or …

I know this is not really worth posting, since it’s just advertisement, but well, it’s close to NAMM and there’s some food for … whatever..

here’s another „dark image“ saying – you must keep track..



we have the Moog Minotaur as a real thing, the Clavia Nord Drum, the Akai „Maschine“ Renaissance, the smaller Buchla Case and the new Ableton Attackers Bitwig, a Casio coming not quite sure if it’s „a real thing“ or just a „keyboard“ – there’s still things to come..

NAMM 2012: was alles passiert: Namm 2012


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  1. […] touch faders with LED like the DSI Tempest and those Pads and MPC Fly Software for the iPad. – Korg Kaoss Pad Mini 2 and Kaossilator 2 Mini with Display and SD Card Slot and another Slider – new 2 Casios – now with some more details […]

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