Automap 3 for iPhone / iPod touch – poor mans lemur?

Novations themselves released a special Automap for the iPhone.


Automap for iPhone / iPod touch – take instant remote control of your music making software

Novation’s Automap has already revolutionised the way we control music production software – now Automap is set to do the same with the iPhone and iPod touch…

The power behind Novation’s award-winning SL MkII, SL Compact and Nocturn MIDI controllers is now available for your iPhone / iPod touch, providing an instant and intelligent, wireless, palm-sized MIDI controller. Now you can use iPhone / iPod touch to control all of your music making software.

Whenever you want to control music software and the mouse is out of reach, Automap for iPhone / iPod touch delivers. And the possibilities are endless – remotely control transport functions; give your artist remote control of reverb levels; a hand-held cross-fader for laptop DJ’ing; controlling multi-effects whilst tracking guitar; switching drum kits whilst you’re sat at your V-drums…

The Automap for iPhone / iPod touch app will be available to buy from the Apple app store mid July. Combined with Novation’s free Automap 3 Standard software, or Automap 3 PRO, it provides two horizontal faders and eight buttons per page, displayed on a single iPhone / iPod touch screen. However, the number of pages – and thus the number of controls – is unlimited.

Automap lets you see at a glance how every control on your iPhone / iPod touch is assigned, both on the iPhone / iPod touch itself, and across your computer screen. Combining all this visual feedback with intelligent software browsing also helps you get to the right software fast! Control maps are automatically placed into categories depending on type (instrument, effects, mixer and so on) for quick and easy browsing and selection.

Although Automap automatically and intelligently maps to all major music making software, you will inevitably have your own unique way of working. Consequently, editing maps and re-assigning controls in Automap is extremely quick and easy. Simply click a parameter in learn mode, then touch a control on your iPhone / iPod touch to assign it. Double-clicking ‚learn‘ allows you to ‚Click-Touch-Assign‘ in quick succession.

Using your iPhone / iPod touch with Automap 3 PRO (available to buy from delivers some extremely powerful additional features…

Firstly, it harnesses the shortcut power of your QWERTY keyboard. It then allows you to assign almost any computer keyboard shortcut, and combinations thereof, to any of the controls on your iPhone / iPod touch. Editing maps is also improved, allowing you to simply drag parameters in the Automap Heads-up GUI from one control to another. Finally, with PRO you can use your iPhone / iPod touch alongside any other Automap compatible hardware controller – and it’s all perfectly integrated for seamless control.

With Automap for iPhone / iPod touch, Novation has placed the power of your music making software into the palm of your hand to use and abuse in ways we couldn’t even imagine!


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