Avid Hd Native – Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Avid | Pro Tools|HD Native – is a digital audio interface with thunderbolt which is the second after apollo .

I really wonder why no one dares to show up with a nice 24 or 32 audio in equipped analog interface which is the most wanted, instead we need to buy our converters separately which won’t be cheap, so this is clearly apple style price tag design. ok – I can understand, that some converters are better but NOT for their resolution, since most of them will provide 24bits at 96khz and more which is really a lot.

well, this one opens the market for the top price tagged interfaces, now it’s time for the mid range, RME, Motu, Metric Halo, where are you?

well, it’s working with all DAWs because it’s Core Audio compatible and in fact this is standard with OS X.

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