Arturia Fairlight & Buchla Music Easel & DX7 V Collection 6macOS Softsynth Windows 

Buchla Music Easel & Fairlight CMI & Yamaha DX7 in Arturias V-Collection 6

Buchla Music Easel, Yamaha DX7 & CMI Fairlight sind Teil der nächsten Arturia V-Collection 6.0 –
DX7, Easel and Fairlight are part of the next generation of Arturias vintage Instruments Synth Collection .. cool 399€ for the package. 199€ for upgraders.

this video has index times – so check out what is of interest 4 u..

Arturia V Collection 6 vs Analog Lab 3: Review, what's new and the best way to get it

these 3 new synths are outstanding – having the very musical Easel aboard along with the DX7 is a great idea since Arturia always extends the original by features that make sense, so there are the first info posts on their site. The DX7 has a sort of macro quick-edit page – hence the look. custom envelopes, 2nd LFO will be included. Reminds a bit of FM8 – has more waveforms – a different algorithm concept – more like the original DX7 / DX7II.

dx7 env
dx7 env

the Easel is new to software emulations after the softube 259e oscillator this a a full instrument simulated here. they say „Arturia have incorporated Gravity, a physics-based synth engine into their software recreation, letting you take your music where no one has gone before.“. whatever that means. – the physics thing seems to be friction and stuff like on Lemur, so you can push a slider and it will slowly move and stop because of that „physics“ engine which is something that works nice with this instrument – and would be great on a real one as well.

the Fairlight is basically a sampler and pre-DAW sequencer with 3D view – max 1.5secs per sample, aditing the 3D landscape may be the most interesting part here- historically also – that sample library. new to the Arturia-one is a brand new “Spectral” synth that can scan and mix sections of audio, letting you create your own wavetable synth sounds. of course the original never had such stuff. I believe they do not emulate page R – the sequencer – since it became obsolete with Cubase and stuff. btw- there IS a sequencer built into this, so not sure if it’s page r or something else.

DX7 –


Arturia - V Collection 6

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    Das Easel ist natürlich super. Aber wäre es auf dem iPad nicht sinnvoller und spielbarer?

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