Miselu C.24 – The Music Keyboard & Cover for iPad with Ribbon Controller and modular to add more

this is a special project for a 2 Octave Workstation from Miselu, maybe you’ve read about them – they did an android based workstion some time ago

it’s a 2 Octave Keyboard made for the iPad and Cover for travel. That Keyboard has it’s own ribbon controller and buttons to change the octaves and open to add things later like adding faders, knobs etc.
there are 32 LED already in for anything to be fed back, maybe as a sequencer? octave setting, etc.
so it is in fact modular to add more in the future. they do it at Kickstarter to make a certain amount of them at  a reasonable price.

C.24 – The Music Keyboard for iPad by Miselu — Kickstarter.

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