Miselu Music Platform Model: Neiro based on Android with Korg Polysix…

Miselu Neiro looks like a Laptop or iPad with a 2 Octave Mini Keyboard attached instead of a standard alphanumeric keyboard,  it has 2x USB, MIDI in and out and audio in/out (3.5mm) and something that looks like an SD Slot along with HDMI Port. The Screen is a wide panel. all based on android. 

here’s a nother video where you can see the creator  CEO Yoshinari Yoshikawa.—>here.

it contains Yamaha chips for audio interfacing and DSP.

miselu neiro from Miselu on Vimeo.

since now it is an idea but the San Francisco based project has a little rendered video of their vision and they already implemented Korgs Polysix and Vocaloid as well as a simple sample drum machine to it called XOX (tr style) with touch controlled velocity. to change the instrument you need to turn a knob on screen the rest is self explanatory (see the link –>here.)

some data: screen resolution is 1920×720, the speed is higher compared to the iPad because it has a 4-core processor.
this machine could come to germany by fall/autumn
the keyboard has velocity sensitivity.
so to say the „Atari ST“ of our times
price and final tech specs have not been fixed so far


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  1. […] the polysix is already a software on Kronos/Oasys and this little thing, it is now APPetized, hope for the Mono/Poly to come as well. KORG iPolysix for iPad mini & […]

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