COMPARED: Sunsyn vs. Andromeda

haha, no need to read german texts ;)
waldorf Q+ synthesizer virtual analogue <=> alesis andromeda a6 synthesizer

imo those are not really fair to compare because the Q is digital and the andromeda is analogue!! means:

the Q+ only analogue part is the filters.. these are the oney from the pulse.. or to be exact: the ones from the xpole filters.
they do not sound like any „popular vintage“.. this may be good ar bad.. the andro has moog and SEM (oberheim) filters.

the andros phatness is the one that comes from the haert / stomach..
switch it on nd fall in love ;)

it has lots of nice features, I am sure: those ppl are synth lovers and PLAYERS (and I know them.. so I am sure.. they did the right thing about THE polysynth that you want on stage and studio..)

the Q is basically a VA. therefore it’s sound is digital domain.
means: wavetables and perfect FM thats someting an andro will never do. anyway: the Q has sync and ringmod that will never sound really analogue (wamrth/digi artefacts)..
so if you love sync cutting sounds like jupiter 8 does: you might better go for an andro.. if you want 3 OSCs FMing including filters , make nice wavetables evolve thats the Q.

the signal path itself is quite „similar“ exept the FM and wavetables.. but it simply does sound sooo different!!.. I’d not think of opponents than 2 synths that complement each other!!..

thats why I do not really think you can decide Q+ or andromeda!!
so it depends on the other synth you might have.. if you have plenty of analgues: maybe the Q+ is the better option… and vice versa..

I hope I could give you an impression?
or do you want more?..

special things:
LFOs: Q very high frequencies possible.. 2600hz are max!! thats enough to even make it a nice audio osc for use as some sort of 6OP FM synth..

andro: has also 3 LFOs,but max speed is only 25hz! sometimes this is annonying .. and you need to use an ENV gen looped to make a fast lfo!..

filter FM, OSC FM: possible on both! even noise can be a source!
FX: both got FX onboard..

the Q’s is not „modable“.. but has 2 FX sections as long as oyu use 4 instruments.. the rest shares these 8 FX’s!! vocoder included.

andro: internal „alesis wedge“ type of FX. some path’s but finally you need to use it for the 16 voices/multimode and route it as you like to.. but it keeps 2 FX blocks. plus analogue distortion (cool!!)

sequencer: the andros is 16step, but very liveable! I currently took the andro on almost any concert I did!!.. I call this „playable“
only one sequencer stored with the patch! so it’s 16 sequences per multi max!

Q: also has a stepper, but 32steps and some sort of „LED-analogue“ sequencer.. there’s no way of changing it the step way.. but you have access through the knobs!!.. also you can CHANGE the pattern because you have a seperate section for it! so this makes it usable..
but the live handling for groove-break- type of music is a bit too much for one hand .. means: in multi you do not have control over mutes or so.. you need to jump to the seq page and use the menu.. so even if you only use 2 multis you have to have quick fingers..
but you can do quite complex things.. but „not so liveable“ compared to the andro’s .. well thats my 2 cent..

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