Drum Machine Legends for iOs

Drum Machine Legends for iOs is a real time pad recoring drum machines that supports and shape shifts from Linn Drum to Emu SP1200, TR 808, Oberheim DX, MPC 60 or TR 707 – it features 8 bars lengths .. check this:

iPhone Screenshot 5
the skins look like this

iPhone Screenshot 1

so it is not a replica of the original but a simple pad layout that correspond to the originals design. thats why the Linn Drum looks like this

iPhone Screenshot 3

you can add all drum machines to one single pattern, so you are not limited to one machines set – which is a lot better, I missed the seconds BD sound on the 707. (listen to them on very old Frontline Assembly and Klinik Tracks).

it’s very straight forward, just record and play, no step mode.

Drum Machine Legends iphone App

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