Voco (der) and Strange Attractor Chaos Effects Generator for iPad

Voco for iPad  – these 2 apps do vocoding (Voco) which is a touch controlled phase model (a bit more than usual) and the chaos thing is basically…

At its heart is a feedback system which can spontaneously oscillate, or respond to incoming sounds, processing them into fractal sonic textures.

It generates a wide range of undulating sounds, controlled by touch, which slowly evolve in unpredictable ways. The sound is visualised as an ever-changing dynamic form.

and looks like this

iPad Screenshot 1

very much like metaphysical function but almost „automatic“, no parameters to set..

Voco is simple kind of looks, the frequency phase is colour coded..

it works a bit differently so I add the description as well:

Voco is a touch-controlled phase vocoder for manipulating sampled sound. 

The sound is mapped onto the screen, with time running left to right, and pitch up and down. By touching the screen the sound can be manipulated and played like an instrument.

Sounds can be loaded as wav files through iTunes or sampled directly via the microphone or input socket.

note, that this is much more like a granular tool than a traditional vocoder – at least for me.

iPad Screenshot 1

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