Event Maschinensound / Industrial / Noise 

Haujobb, 2nd Face, blac kolor @ Kulttempel, Oberhausen

live in Oberhausen, Kulttempel.
Viel Spaß, 3 Bands und Aftershow Party.

Neue Bands (für einige jedenfalls) und auch die auch altersmäßig sehr junge neue Band 2nd Face brachte eine sehr solide Show auf die Bühne für uns im Herzen des EBM, es entwickelt sich weiter, während Daniel quasi das hohe Alter ansprach, was denn nun? Sind wir die Zukunft oder nicht? Doch, sind wir. Ich mach mal auf English weiter..
Wie immer – guter Sound für alle 3 Acts – gleich mal nach vorne stellen.

is … like Haujobb, .. fun set – the whole evening was a blast and fun for everyone

ah, you are the geary ppl, so here you can see 2 Novation Bass Stations 2 – light and rolandish sounding along with a small hidden Microbrute for Daniel to play, along with Manuel on synth and acoustic drums (minimal but effective set), monotrons and DIY electronics aaaand a manually played TR707 (hi Dejan!)
very very interesting: those BS2 are monophonic but sounded polyphonic – why? it’s the delay he says – very well used on some songs)

Blac Kolor (last song with accompainment by Dejan & Daniel of Haujobb)- is strongly dark techno with a loooot of strength, very energetic. gear ppl might want to hear about Rolands Aira TB3 and TR8 done their jobs well here.

2nd Face
is a new band (the youngest!) with a lot of new elements and influences of Skinny Puppy and lots of others in a complex sound structure but straighter then Puppy, based on high end synths like EMS Synthi A and PPG Modular (thanks for showing me)- and live in a strong show with real acoustic drums and voice. 21 years and a lot to show is with illuminated drum sticks.

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