Java saved on OS X – maintainance via Oracle (previously: Sun) – MIDI Editors saved on Macs?

To all, who try to make MIDI and other Editors on and in Java like JSynthLib or the Electribe Organizer may be happier now to hear, that apples announcement to drop development of their Java SDK is given back to the hands of the original company, who will continue to keep it up and fresh on OS X – as they did and do for Windows, Linux etc..

Apple will help them (documentation etc). Hope the MIDI Libs will work flawlessly in the future (with Core MIDI/Audio). non functional editors like the one from Behringer (BCR Controller) on the Mac are a pain. just to name a bad example. possibly just because the ignore mac users – don’t know. but happy to see the SDK in the right hands. but don’t expect more than controller/editor stuff based on Java on any platform since it is a VM but has the big advantage of porting to all existing platforms.

Read this: OpenJDK News. Apples roadmap is to keep the „Apple Java“ till OS X10.7 Lion and give it to Oracle now who start with Java JDK7 which might be in Lion, too and later.

deutsch Oracle und Apple kündigen Open JDK Projekt für Mac OS X an

PS: Wozu braucht man Java? Ist doch langsam?

Weil das immer oder besser oft eine VM ist, also nicht irgendwie nativ unterstützt wird. Rein theoretisch könnte man jedoch etwas bereitstellen, was dies tut. Für Plugins und Co wird man die C-Dialekte nicht umgehen, aber einige Editoren und so sind in Java und …

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