Korg & Roland „Leaks“

Korg bringt einen tastenlosen Odyssey? und Roland bringt wirklich TB und TR lt. Bildersprache? Eher aber… (scroll)

and „Korg Official“ just posted this one on their instagram account – see the Odyssey „Desktops“ without keyboards? Roland (scroll down)
korg odyssey desktop synth

UPDATE: official release: 713€ // 600USD
korg odyssey desktop

ARP ODYSSEY Module | Reborn again for your desktop

btw: WTF? ARP2600 again?
korg 2600nice photoshop, eh?

– In-official Roland Leak

Human Leak – System 8 will come.

seen at  – @Sam Ash

what about the 909 event?
…3 links appeared from here
„“ those seem to unveil something I did not really expect – since there is on button – which is for a new Boss FX box – but also 2 very well known vintage instruments that …

  1. may have been rebuilt on AIRA basis (digitally) – or smaller as a Boutique version as posted long before..
  2. may have been re-issued (limited?)
  3. may have been numbered News 17 & News 16 for a reason – since they are just not news but history – so it does NOT mean anything but ..
    they are: (and more)
    contains interesting stuff
    incl. something like the EVI/WX Series of Breath Controllers as well

    – to me re-releasing theTB303 & especially the TR909 are not typical Roland -to date, since there is theTR8 for that job (with all classic TRs), maybe repackaging or just to tell us the story ..? well…nevertheless – why not in a smaller case? Boutique-one? we might get something on the 9th.. around the clock and the world..

  4. find the Vocoder as well.. – well why not making a real vocoder? smaller (VT3/boutique) or a completely new one (bigger than the VT3)?
    News_18this looks very much like these are just „symbolic“ images since this one looks familiar – there is one image up with the exact settings but cropped – it’s a VP330
    and there is this Boss FX: Waza Craft Ampboss waza craft
  5. there is more about Drums and guitars which I simply don’t post – they don’t look too interesting, though..
  6. just check out yourself – <– number
    url of images look like this:
    News 16 & 17 are those TB & TR ones – since there is a vocoder as well (18) it might be just to tell the category, maybe history or .. a repackaged TR8TB3 and VT3? all have been released, so..
  7. there is this link in my stats: – hmm
  8. maybe the older rumours are true about „Boutique“-sized TB/TRs?
  9. Roland removed those 909 images..

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und intern viel aufgeräumt. Weniger Rubriken, weniger Chaos.

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  1. The desktops seem to be unscrewed keyboards…

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