Leap Motion Controlling Music via Gestures in Airspace Geco Software sending MIDI + OSC to your instruments + SoundMorph Timeflux

I posted about Leap Motion earlier – this time it is a Max Addition to Ableton Live to be controlled by the Leap Motion Controller – looks a bit like dBEam but it is in fact a bit more than that – so it is more in the Kinect category of controllers than measuring a distance alone. It could look like this in a promo video:

it understands OSC, has 40 gestures or better means – it can handle 40 control streams as they say.
and it can learn gestures and send them to MIDI as well. it’s $10 so not too expensive at all – but you NEED that leap controller, still.

I never had a hand on or above it so can just tell from the videos and previous stuff up here. Leap Motion Airspace -> Geco MIDI.


also there is a new synth

based on this controller out there -SoundMorph Timeflux – from Glitch Machines.
Seems it is the second dedicated to morphing after „morph“ from Prosoniq – but works a bit differently since it does not need a realtime input in a DAW but is an own software. you can also freeze your sound in here as well.
so it is some sort of morphing plus granular / vsynth – style impression coming out of this.

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