Logic 8

Logic Studio / Logic 8 is here..


looks, like they are now ready..

Logc 8 is PART of Logic Studio.

What happened: No more Dongle needed, Prefs can be changed onto another computer, new audio edit tool(s), and a „single window“ design, apple-like. so it looks it is not that big and revolutionary as the rumours wanted it to be, but it is here.. It needs TIGER, not LEOPARD to run! Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later, which is a surprise to me.

Find the Specs here:


the most important part: Upgrade from Logic 5 nd 6 will be $199, I assume the same amount in €?..

A new Logic Studio will be $499, the upgrade from Express is $299.

Forum: Apple bringt Logic Studio mit Logic 8

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