Ableton MidivolveDAW 

Midivolve – Generative Arpquencer – f. Ableton Live

Midivolve ist eine Art von Sequenz-Generator – es kann ein Arpeggiator, ein Sequencer oder eben ein Helfer sein, um Sequenzen, Basslines oder Grooves zu erstellen. Also ein Midi – Entwickler von Matt Black, seines Zeichens Coldcut-Mitglied.

Gedacht ist das, um diese Sequenzen zu entwerfen und weiter per Evolution und Einstellungen umzuformen.

This is a Sequence-Generator, so it is not a Sequencer or Arpeggiator but can be one, the main idea is to generate sequences or basslines and let them follow the darwin path, get modified, change a bit and apply some randomness to it but not as random as that can be boring and sound not weird enough but more like a computer has created them – so Matt Black from Coldcut added the evolve button and some settings to change that sequence and parts of it – the notes, lengths‘ and more.. watch! so it’s about probability – randomness – and classic arpeggiators after mashin them up and put them into one very handy device. doesn’t look too costly and complex – so they’ve done something right and intelligent with and to it.. again: watch!

MidiVolve Tutorial 1 - Riffs and Arps

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