Mobile DAW & Remote CyberStep KDJ-ONE

maybe this is hard to sell when iPads are around, but they’re trying a dedicated little portable device with audio in, has USB – it’s about 1.5 hands large in size. seems to accept VSTs as well. There’s a position pointer below that looks like chase light TR-style but I assume it’s just helpful but not a TR-kind of input (the keyboard does not appear to be set to 16 step something but there’s arrow keys you COULD switch patterns 16step wise if the software is cool enough, anyway  – doesn’t look too bad at all – but maybe multitouch would help to „grab things“ faster?

Waldorf Music NAMM 2012 Impressions

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  1. […] long time no see – on the Musikmesse I already saw them, showing off their nintendo-style kind of palm top sequencer and synth […]

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