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Moog Synth overview / überblick..Moog Voyager // Minimoog
Robert Arthur Moog aka Bob Moog aka Robert A.Moog – finally the inventor of the moog modular and the synthesizer concept in genr(e)al.. invented the MINI MOOG. the intention was to have a small system on stage (remember: those times: you needed to have modulars and bigger system in 1969).. so the 70ies ,thats the big time of the MINIMOOG and still it is one of the most warm and full „phatt“ sounding synthesizer ever made – I compared it to my moog modular system and the result is: it is very close – it’s only minimal more warmth in the modular, so imagine the first mini prototype as the 904 filter (a) LPF, 2 simplified ENVs and 3 OSCs with mixer. no lfo. use an osc as synthesizer
don’t tell me you don’t know this synthesizer?
it introduced the mod and pitch wheel, 2 envelopes, 3 VCOs, where VCO3 can also act as LFO (well, every VCO can be an lfo if switched to low..) and this philosophy has been a good one: no extra LFOs, there ARE VCOs!!.. ok, the voyager adds an lfo, now because todays synth need more than 3 VCOs/LFOs.. but the principle was the only one that wasn’t taken over by other synth manufacturers. but the macbeth m3x, the ems vcs3 arp 2600 had a similar way of thinking..

OSCs, Noise 2 very fast envelopes (about 1.5ms)
use the voltage to switched trigger for use with simple midi interfaces or for use with roland or arp gear.. (see above)
want a MINIMOOG clone? did you check the se1 (beside the voyager)

the mini has a special envelope: it holds at attack runthrough for s while and then goes down, but with a big zapp.. means: it is fast and musically well. thats a thing the others or emulations and clones do not have (so far)
btw: there is a LOT of software around trying to emulate the MINIMOOG.. try yourself, the best known one might be arturias MINIMOOG and the creamware minimax/pulsar minimax emulation.. it reminds of a mini.. but there also some that do only remind the structure of the mini ;) check SOFTWARE for more or post in the forum.. to my ears it is still a difference ;)

Moog Minimoog Synthesizer
moog minimoog synthesizer
still remember MINIMOOG: click the pics to enlarge ;)minimoog
Moog music Minimoog Voyager synthesizer 
superbooth / superpatch on music fair in frankfurt
offered rudi linhards moog family to give the folks a listen:
– software synth soundthe same?? huh? ;) .. for those who never listened to moogs ..
the legendary – MINIMOOG and V’GER side by side!!
MOOG Voyager UPDATE (current is 1.5, now 2.0):
even more control now, more mod routes to the pad and lots of updates in the software!!
1.5 deutsch:
Laden & Senden von einzelnen Presets möglich
– save&send patches via midi
Filter A/B lassen sich von 1-4 Pol umschalten.
– you can switch the filters from 1 to 4 poles (6dB to 24dB/oct)
Mehr Modulationsmöglichkeiten für das Touchpad
– more mod source for touchpad
Midi Local Off, Merge und PGm Change now implemented..
<– new at moog music: minimoog V’ger.. rudi linhard does the midiimplementation.. the first signature series has been sold and should show up by end of 2002. there are some chances planned: HPF (previously missing) will replace the 2/4 pole switch. and lots more..

it’s sound is indeed high quality, but it’s price is „fan only“.. rudi linhard, who does the midi implementation (well, he just got his first voyager in summer 2002 – so all will be ready later.. the „people“ say, that it might need a hardware mod. so maybe all will be delayed..

one of the first Voyager owners‘ report (warning: strong affective binding to the product) here (at mark pulvers midiwall)

there is the so called spacing filter so you can have lots of interesting filter sounds with the 904 filters from the modular (like the andromedas 904 filters, but maybe better)..

software: is very preliminary: the touchpad is hardwired to cut,resonance and spacing, and lots of thinbgs that come in later.. (mod definitions, velo curves..)

but the OS is updateable via MIDI.
the newly implanted hpf was a bit „unpredictable“.. so the first batch is out with RUDImentary software (this one goes to rudi linhard, who does the software part)
you find some first sounds that really show even through mp3 that this machine simply sounds GREAT ;) (I can confirm this, listened to one / the original.. )
a good idea: the control of it all: you can integrate this nicely into modular environment..
btw: you got a LPF and a HPF that can be separated by the spacing (range is 6 octaves between the setting of cut and spacing)
also you can have another LPF at 24dB/oct

so this makes hpf,bpf,lpf or better: pan lpf (you got 2 VCAs) so its parallel, the bpf is of course done by serial filters

thanks to mark for info. just rewrote it combined it with my info ;)
btw: the voyager uses 14bits for controllers! so it is like on the alesis andromeda: 16384 steps per controller,so in fact it feels like a seamless analogue knob!! but the computer will have to be smart! it’s much more to send/receive now!
50hz lfo, 2 filters with spacing (so it is a cutoff offset), 2 envelopes
MOOG RME (voyager: rack mount unit) find pics on the moog site
there is a 5U Voyager RACK VERSION AVAILABLE (called the RME), too .. chain them together for polyphony for a rather expensive poly moog rack .. hmm 15spaces high for 3 voices.. but very high quality.. still.. ok, it basically the same as the v’ger but it has no touch pad and no keyboard of course.. us: $2195, in europe it might be much higher (deutscher distributor EMC) assume it is around 2200€. btw: the RME hasn’t the full input connectors as the key version has! so you need another VX351 box version to get them all out to another breakout box.. important for modular users!

enlarge Moog RME Voyager Rack Mount Synthesizer – click image!

Minimoog Voyager by Moog Music / Bob Moog
click pics to enlarge.. (most will work and are available in much larger resolution, just click them!)

moog voyager
the standard edition (below), the Voyager aniversary version (above)
minimoog voyager synthesizer
mini moog and voyager side by side
still remember: click the pics to enlarge..
control panel moog voyager
VX351 – with this box you got all CVs and Gates of all ENVs and OSCs accessible! there are SOME directly available from the v’gers rear panel. the RME (rack) needs another breakout box because it has LESS jacks.. so look for another VX351 for RME version covering all jacks that can be found on the v’ger keyboard!!
moog voyager RME rack mount engine synthesizer
control panel moog voyager
Voyager control panel – click to enlarge..
see the voyager stripped down to the bones? (warps to till koppers site)..
„emulating“ or better „cloning“ the (oberheim) ob8 or more? the studio electronics omega8 comes with
2 VCOs midi controllable!.. but not really „cheap“..
(the blue one 3Units, but a full sized OB-8 clone)
but maybe the ATX1 with OB module is a nice choice?
SE also did one of the most known mini rack versions, the midi mini (or mini midi), of course out of sale today..

and the minimoog-like se1-x „clone“ of the minimoog. extras like sync and lfo.. the envs are not as fast as the minis but it is an alternative.. since it has 3 planned LFOs and modulations routings that a mini does not provide..
check the studio electronics site
made in the US.

the ATX1 (the 2Units blue one): has a standard the atc has filter modules that can be exchanged: arp, moog,tb303.. but not knobs, anyway it sounds!
structure but exchangeable filters: atm there are SEM (oberheim), 2600 (ARP), 303 (Roland) and the internal one is „moog“.. it’s (like the other ones) not the cheapest one, but possibly the only one with exchangeable filters! the system with all filter modules (internal) is around $1411 plus shipping. so europeans may not get it that cheap..

more on studio electronics on the oberheim sites..

studio electronics SE1
studio electronics synthesizer rack
Minimoog clones?

creamware did a very close (digital) clone – it’s based on the pulsar platform later the noah contained it, too but it did not sell well because of its terrible interface (4 knobs in a rack seemed not to be sexy enough..).
well, it’s still a digital synth here.. but it has a lot of things that reminds of the mini.. it’s 12 voice polyphonic and adds velocity and of course midi-controller controlled..

they also offer this kind of clone as prophet 5.. called profit 5 (not the coolest name here, right?) it’s Pro12 now.. much better..

click on the pics for larger picture on the creamware section..

Creamware minimax

more on this in the creamware section..


there are 2 very good tech heads: Tel. 0911-767516 Fax 0911-7670967 E-mail: LINTRONICS, Rudi Linhard, Ahornstr. 1c 90765 Fürth, Germany – the BEST memorymoog & minimoog doctor on earth! also does the minimoog and minimoog voyager midi implementation and is able to make the voyager really fit for europe (CE-norm!) also best for real PERFECT midi – kits for minimoog and memorymoog. incl. midi control of the panel knobs!

TEL. ++39 349 6400206
FAX.++39 049 9908491
VAT N°. 03695700280
specialists for ppg and moog in italy.. in padua. non commercial atm. they restaurate, repair and build moog and ppg systems.. fabio and nicola – more soon! BKS ( Bass Konzept Studios)
Comming soon : (not up yet)
BKS : Analogs Solutions,specialized in Moog and PPG modulars.
what they did?

more in the ppg / moog section here:
Moog & PPG
this is also a reference: moogMODULESthere are some freaky ppl out there:
the waveterm C is a pc-project porting the waveterm 1 and b to hard/software! check their site (paul maddox,dave forward, hermann seib)
moog related links: a nice moog site more info?
see the moog archives
register your minimoog or v’ger? here
Moog Synth overview / überblick..Moog

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