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Moog Prodigy
Moog Memorymoog ,
Moog Rogue , Moog Realistic / Concertmate MG1
Moog Opus3 ,
Moog Source / Liberation + schematics (schaltplan)
Moog Sonic 6 + musonics sonic V
Taurus, Taurus II
Micromoog, Multimoog
Moog cdx


Moog Synth overview / überblick..Moog
Moog Little Phattythe latest moog Little Phatty
Moog Memorymoog synthesizer

the Moog that you may replace by the Andromeda now ? ;-)) well its still great and has been my dream but it is know as quite „service demanding“.. and the Andro has real Moog filters, too.. well.. they are still not the same.. this machine is still one of the nicest of those Keyboard–Moogs..

-> (linronics memorymoog) you get a very good update that even allows controller to be received via midi! this is done by rudi linhard
the so called LAMM – linctronics advanced memorymoog

3 VCOs with PWM each and unlike the minimoog it has a dedicated LFO,so you do not NEED to use VCO3 for modulation purposes.

you want the Memory moog as a 6 voice minimoog? hmm, well the memory was a curtis based synth opposed to dicrete electronics in the mini, it sounds a bit fatter and warmer, nevertheless it is a good sounding synth.

if you want a moog you could also check for a crumar spirit, which was built with mr moogs help.. ok, it’s a different machine.. anyway, it’s very hard to find.

the Memorymoog is an interesting machine, maybe the newer synth to think of is the alesis andromeda.. but it compares a bit like the memory to a mini in sound..

memory moog
moog memorymoog synthesizer
memorymoog synthesizer
Micromoog + Multimoog
and the monophonic range continues..
the Multi moog has a quite simple envelope set but it has a force sensor and mod routings are nice, syncable 2 VCOs and LFO , S/H and a ribbon controller

the Micro moog is a smaller „version“.. reduced features..

Moog Multimoog
Moog Multimoog

Moog Micromoog
Moog Micromoog
Moog Micromoog

Moog Rogue synthesizerhas Syncable OSCs..

just one knob to set the 2 VCOs octaves but another pot to set the detune or unison setting..
same for the waveforms: just one switch for both..

AD or AS – only one small envelope
both VCOs have only one Waveform switch, so it’s the same waveforms..

the lower pics can be enlarged (click on it)..

Moog Rogue

moog rogue
moog rogue
moog rogue
moog rogue
Moog Realistic
MG1 Concertmate

very much like the Rogue, but you can not set the VCOs to different octave settings and waveforms..

still 2 VCOs and a nice sound.. both rogue and mg1 sound a bit more „rough“ than the prodigy, minimoog etc.

compared to the Rogue it has a waveform selctor switch for each VCO, so this is the difference..

the upper pic can be enlarged (click on it)..


moog realistic mg1 concertmate
moog realistic mg1 concertmate
very simple one..the can be enlarged (click on it)..
moog minitmoog
the MOOG MINIMOOG .. DER SYNTHESIZER!has an own section as well as the Voyager.. – >> Moog Voyager // Minimoog
Moog Sonic 6

the Moog Sonic IV was not really a „moog“.. it was a musonics who bought moog, you can find some (rare) minimoogs with „musonics“ label,too..

the Sonic Six has self triggering features, a 24dB/oct LPF, 2 VCOs and 2 LFOs,
quite good for some „self playing“ experience.. it is said the most „non moog“-moog sound. well, they are quite right.. ;)

the Sonic V is a Musonics Synth Proto, not many made of the „V“

some pics can be enlarged (click on it)..

Moog musonics sonic six (sonic6)
click image to enlarge..
Moog sonic six panel and jacks
Sonic Six the panel..
Moog sonic 6 panel

Moog sonic six panel
Sonic V
Moog Musonics Sonic V
Sonic IV and V side by side
Moog Musonics Sonic V
click images to enlarge..

kinda Preset Moog.. the Moog Opus 3 synthesizer
.. not a Prodigy! but close..
well, this is more the „preset“ way of a moog.. with different sections..
moog opus 3 synthesizer
MOOG Prodigy simple 2 OSC synth, one LFO, but this one with aftertouch and ENVable pitchmod.. the smaller knobs are mod, the simpler switchesd are also not original ;)the new knobs are: OSC: pitch mod ENV sens. and switch wheel/ENV, mid: force sensor amount (aftertouch, the FSR sits under the keys!!), ext in amount and gain and ringmod amount, switches (beside the wheel): osct +1/-1 and pitch wheel mode sync or pitch!

here’s a moded Moog Prodigy: it has a so called FSR sensor under its keyboard (aftertouch!), the knobs on mid.panel are for sensitivity! also: a simple gate does a simple ringmodulation (very cheap just one rectangular signal can be used..), sync can be ctrled by ENV (or better: osc 1s pitch) done by Jenzz (also member of our Modular DIY project – find schematics of FSR sensor
and the basic DIY modular synth menu: here!)

moog prodigy modified
moog prodigy
synthesizer Schematics:
schematics (schaltplan)
-Moog Liberation

the Liberation power supply and interface:
liberation power supply

Moog Liberation
the only one from Moog with a Ring Modulator, also „poly“ section,
„portable“ Synthesizer..
note: the power unit / interface is a 2 Unit Rack..

Schemos: Moog Liberation (nice Ringmodulator!)

-Moog Source –>
2 VCO synth
with memory and data entry wheel
(heavy one)
Moog Source
the „digital“ Moog, no knobs but buttons.. anyway it did not sound bad..
strange blue/cyan coloured.. maybe you have heard it on early Front242 records? ;)
moog source
Schaltplan / schematics / ciruitry: Moog Source
+Polymoog Keyboard

the Polymoog is FULL POLYPHONIC.
the POLYMOOG Keyboard is a smaller „preset“ version of the polymoog, it has a triple filterbank and has a kind of „offset“ programming scheme.. hard to repair.
the filterbank can be seen here and the frequency divider based FULL polyphonic osc section..

the filterbank consists of 3 pairs of 3 sliders with resonance

The Polymoog
polymoog synthesizer
polymoog synthesizer VCOs
polymoog synthesizer filter
THE POLYMOOG Keyboard (preset version, knobs „missing“ here!
polymoog keyboard
playing bass with your feet?
the moog taurus is a simple bass synth..
moog taurus bass synth
Taurus II, very much like a rogue with no keyboard..moog taurus II
Moog CDX, more an organ but with filter
afaik the only „moog organ“ I know of..
Moog CDX organ synthesizer

there are 2 very good tech heads: Tel. 0911-767516 Fax 0911-7670967 E-mail: LINTRONICS, Rudi Linhard, Ahornstr. 1c 90765 Fürth, Germany – the BEST memorymoog & minimoog doctor on earth! also does the minimoog and minimoog voyager midi implementation and is able to make the voyager really fit for europe (CE-norm!) also best for real PERFECT midi – kits for minimoog and memorymoog. incl. midi control of the panel knobs!

TEL. ++39 349 6400206
FAX.++39 049 9908491
VAT N°. 03695700280
specialists for ppg and moog in italy.. in padua. non commercial atm. they restaurate, repair and build moog and ppg systems.. fabio and nicola – more soon! BKS ( Bass Konzept Studios)
Comming soon : (not up yet)
BKS : Analogs Solutions,specialized in Moog and PPG modulars.
what they did?

more in the ppg / moog section here:
Moog & PPG
this is also a reference: moog MODULESthere are some freaky ppl out there:
the waveterm C is a pc-project porting the waveterm 1 and b to hard/software! check their site (paul maddox,dave forward, hermann seib)
moog related links: a nice moog site more info?
see the moog archives
register your minimoog or v’ger? here
Moog Synth overview / überblick..Moog

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