Mopho Keyboard: It’s true, it is there. Dave talks..

via Sonic State – News (Video Item) WNAMM10: Mopho Keyboard Video Demo, Dave Smith’s Mother Of A Keyboard.

2.5 Octave Keys. Nice little Synth for stages..

I still ask: Why not this form factor for polyphonic synths with „some“ voices (2-4)? Tetra KB? Anyway I assume this will be cool for a lot of us europeans, we love such synths incl. myself. thanks for doing this. price: around $800, guess that will be almost the same amount in euros? we’ll see. Noticed the little side info about the boomchick / Linndrum II? I put it like this: They planned it, had no chance in getting a real product but willing to finally get „anything“ somewhere out later for us. so just give’em some time. we do! thanks for making these synths.

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