MOTU Mach 5.1 Synth and Sampling

Motu upgraded their Mach5 Sampler plugin. it looks a lot like a competitor to Kontakt now, but it is a full blown synth, not just a player for sampler –  it features an FM synth, wavetables and a special IRCAM granular engine like this:

a lot of synths now come with different noise types like Massive has or the Casio XWP1/G1 noises it is not just about white and pink – but (possibly sampled) ones:

a new reverb, new filter types.

multi segment envelopes are also in here as well as a mod matrix and a step sequencer / automation called the step envelope. all scriptable for the nerdy side in you and an Arpeggiator (new style with steps).

convolution reverb and loop helper called the loop lab. for making slices and finding transients to work with.

but here’s something interesting for sample layering, ..

Forum: MOTU Mach5v3: Neue Generation Synth/Sampler ?

the official site:

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