MusikMesse 2006 Impression

Musikmesse 2006 – Bilder / Images

P3 Sequencer, Cwejman S1 & S2, Eurorack Modules –
MFB Multifilter (not many made afterwards)

Creamware Prodyssey – a very cool 12voice ARP Odyssey Hardware Emulation – great one – the ASB series was better than anything until Roland did their System 1 / 8. So they were 10 years ahead.


also some things like the Future Retro XS which became a lot different later.
Wretch Machine – a tube synthesizer by Metasonix – technically interesting but I could not make it sound a lot different than „moep“
Sequentix P3 Sequencer came up – the successor is the Circlon – a lot of MidiBox Sequencer in it.

the Mono Evolver Keyboard and Novations KS series came up in 2006 as well as Jomox new drum machines Xbase 888 and 999. and – Moog Little Phatty. Silly Names parade at that time at Moog but a good synth.

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