Musikmesse: Roland SH-01 Gaia & Korg Monotron and more – SynMag Quicknews

New successor of the Roland SH201, the  Roland Gaia , SH01 Digital Synthesizer, looks much better, hear it one. 3 Parts, Ring/Sync, etc..

Don’t confuse it with the Roland SH1 Analog Synthesizer (1978)

it is really a new Roland SH-01 based on the idea of the SH201 but looks better and has 3 parts..

And here’s the new Korg Gadget Monotron, which has Filter, Resonance, a very fast LFO, ext. Input and some more, See the LFO Mod Switch? 50€.

More News SynthesizerMagazin: Messeneuheiten Turbonews


coming up @ SynMag Booth : Helmtronics Challenger & Black Moon 4 OSC, 2 Filter 12dB & 24dBOkt Key Prototype & Black Moon shown, also Schrauber Sequencer, MFB new Zwerg-Series..

Korg PS60, kind of String Machine – Trident Thing..

and MicroStation extended Synth with small keys almost the size of a microkorg xl – this is SMALL!!

Mini Synth Quick Info Box 1 Voice (1x Multi)
Korg Monotron Analog Synthesizer (2010)
1 OSC, 1 Filter, 1 LFO, 0 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
18 Keys, No CV/MIDI Ctrl, Value (in 2010 was) 50€ continue / weiter..?

Roland Gaia SH01 looks really cool to me – here’sLucian strap-on keytar synth.

New Mellotron (sample based)
pic coming..

Xoxbox Devilfish Version. (vis-a-vis from Synthesizer-Magazin Booth)

and more to come..

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