new iPods and a DRM-Minimac?

looks like new iPods coming 2,4 or 8 GB Nano (Alu)
new „Shuffle“ (the one that had almost no Memory, maybe it has now 1 GB..)

big ipods slightly updated.

but Samsung makes 32 GB Player..

Apple Settop Box 1 Q 2007 (iTV) a bit like a custom HiFi for downloads/Streaming of course with HDMI which means it has DRM that may only play what they allow to play.. No bad Idea to stream it all but with DRM? What about older music? Prices and things?.. subscription?

1/2 size of Mac Mini, built-in power supply, USB, Ethernet, 802.11 „wireless component video“, optical audio and HDMI ports, plus old RCA stereo audio ports. Works with Apple Remote
Front row style ui like half height mac mini
iTV nicht der finale Name – not the final name

Quelle: Apple News – iPods

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