New Macbooks and Macbooks Pro – all with Firewire again!

Macbooks got Firewire back, they are now all called Macbook Pro and they can be expanded up to 8GB RAM, also there’s a complete new line of MB and MBPs .. or better – a new Macbook Pro Line and no more Macbook. Also the Air is cheaper now.

Snow Leopard and Quicktime 10 look nice..

all info from WWDC today. Live-Ticker.

one more thing:

Snow Leopard erscheint im September für 29 Dollar – OS X 10.6 will cost only $29 – MS, you’ll get fried, I assume.
this time Apple did it all right, if Snow Leopard runs flawlessly this WWDC is a real burner!
But there is one odd thing: Snow Leo does not work on PPC, Intel only!

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