NI Maschine 1.1 Update inkl MIDI control of ext. Gear (Beta)

The update will include the following improvements (which is already out as a Beta and therefore will be up sooner or later as final Update) – here’s the new Specs:

New and improved features:
MIDI Out Mode for sounds
MIDI In for sounds and groups

Drag-and-Drop audio export for scenes and patterns in host
Record and trigger scenes switches via MIDI notes in host
Scene retrigger option in plugin mode
Loading groups without patterns
Additional slicing sizes (1/8th etc.)
REX file import
Scene naming
Adjustable metronome volume
Record Count-In option
Quick adjustment of group and sound volumes on controller
Several fixes and stability improvements

SynthDB Maschine: nativeinstruments/Maschine.html
Native Instruments Maschine synthesizer

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