NI rides again FM, absynth and battery new versions

note FM8 has no 8 OPs, it has lots of features, still the 8 is for showing it is a new Version.. incl a pattern Arpeggiator / Sequencer-like and a Morphing Sektion plus more FX and basically to INTEL-Macs – it works on Intels.. so most of us may switch to fm8.. Absynth 4 looks very much like it has a new UI and Morphing also aqnd Intel-Universal as a key feature.. for most of us „KORE“ integration may not be THE key feature.. but it is there.. battery.. quite simlilar.. enough news imo to spend 99€..
FM Synthese in einer neuen Dimension

Morphing SoundsEin Schritt weiter

FM7 und FM8 hier auf der Site..

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