Nord Lead 4 – Performance Synthesizer

as said, there will be a Nord Lead 4 – Performance Synthesizer.- here it is. it seems there is no drum mode like the nl2 had and which I really loved and found very handy and intuitive.
the price tag is around 1.650k€ rack and 200€ more for the keyboard.
->Synth Database NordLead 4 & NordLead 4R

nordlead 4 rack
nordlead 4 rack

Key features – underlined: the specials

  • 4-part multi-timbral with 4 separate outs.
  • 2-Oscillator Virtual Analog Subtractive synthesis with Frequency Modulation, Hard and Soft Sync and True Voice Unison.
  • Morph and Variation performance controls.
  • Wavetable synthesis, including unique Formant Wavetables.
  • 12/24 dB Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass filters section plus transistor and diode ladder filter simulations.
  • 2 LFO/Arpeggiator sections and Mod Env section with flexible routing possibilities.
  • LFO, Arpeggiator and Delay can be synchronized to the Master Clock (or external MIDI-Clock).
  • Crush, Talk and Distortion, Reverb, Delay effects (available per slot)
  • 2x oversampled sound engine.
  • 49-key velocity sensitive keyboard (C-C) (Not Nord Lead 4R).
    Forum:  Neuer Clavia Synth @ Messe FFM 2013

NordLead 4

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  1. […] Nord Lead 4 (digital, successor of the NL3), Korg Volca Beat series (all analog / MS filters), Novation Bass Station II Analog Synth, Jomox Drum Modules, EOWave – complete new modular system (!), MFB Dominion 1 & MFB Tanzbär (Tr808 style) Drummachine with Roll-Function and 16 Patterns in Chain (!), Buchla Distribution (Vertrieb in EU): Schneidersbüro / – heißt ja jetzt Alex4 inkl Reparatur und Music Easel im Programm. […]

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