MusikMesse 2013 Impression + SynMag Walkthrough

Musikmesse Impressions (iPhone -lo quality) – it’s all quite like announced. But there have been 2-3 things that are nice, small things..

Nord Lead 4 (digital, successor of the NL3)Korg Volca Beat series (all analog / MS filters)Novation Bass Station II Analog SynthJomox Drum Modules, EOWave – complete new modular system (!)MFB Dominion 1 & MFB Tanzbär (Tr808 style) Drummachine with Roll-Function and 16 Patterns in Chain (!), Buchla Distribution (Vertrieb in EU): Schneidersbüro / – heißt ja jetzt Alex4 inkl Reparatur und Music Easel im Programm.
…take some time to load all images ;)


Special: Our  Booth // Unser SynMag Stand (Synthesizer-Magazin booth)

Standrundgang beim SynMag


and more: some additional nice pics by Summa are here

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