Poison 202 – Roland JV – VA – iPad + ModStep 1.2 Sequencer

Irgendwie übersehen – ein lustiger kleiner Synth mit Roland-Structures, also Umplatzierung der Filter etc. So gesehen ein bisschen JD990 und „VA“.Und erkennen kann man auch, welche Sounds hier funktionieren – Sync geht auf jeden Fall G. Sieht aber so aus, dass diese Structures keine Ringmod oder Boost enthalten…

Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer – Dmitrij Pavlov

I overlooked this Poison 202 iOS App which is much like Roland Structures with VA-Base, so to say JD990 plus VA and Sync, that can be heard a lot in this demo. Looks like they did not implement Ringmod/Boost into that structures, but…
So it’s not a Rompler or JV/JD – it’s a standard synth – but not bad at all.

Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer Module (factory presets demo)

Since it is a good thing – I’d like to remember Modstep that helped to find this!

it’s a rather complex sequencer – and one of the only ones I’d thing of using since
AUv3 user presets (for AUv3s that support it)! ->  plugin use within iPad!

Audiobus 3 ready
35 new Sample Kits
8 new MIDI templates for
Roland TR-09, Roland TB-03, OTO BIM, OTO BAM, Modal CRAFTsynth, Meeblip triode, Korg monologue,Elektron Analog Heat
added the possibility to disable Auto Save
changed time display on Auto Save to minutes and seconds
added BPM info for exported audio files and folders
clearer indication in the Mixer when audio is distorted
various workflow enhancements

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