Pre-Namm News 3 – Doepfer, Strymon, Rossum Electro, Voltage Modular & more

Hier ein paar fast kommentarlose nette Dinge für und zur NAMM Show, die am 24.1. startet
just before NAMM at 24.jan – here’s some images and stuff to look at..

1) Polyphonic Doepfer Modules – 4x VCO, VCF, VCF, Envelope..
plus 2 new ones (right side) – neue polyphone Module für ein einfaches System in Euroracks – 4 Stimmen sähen dann so aus:

Doepfer Dark Energy Synthesizer III

the 3rd revision – die 3.Version.
2 LFOs, Filter FM, PWM VCO, ADSR-ENV – 12 dB/Oct. MULTI MODE Filter LPF,HPF,Notch, BPF!
new: no warmup time, larger frequency range, reset input per LFO, triangle waveform @ VCO, soft & hard sync (!), linear FM (!), VC-ADSR inputs , filter outputs
very similar looking but not exactly the same.

doepfer dark energy 3
doepfer dark energy 3

2) Twisted Electrons Crazy 8 Beats Sequencer
it’s out – here it has added outs for each of 8 trigger outputs plus accents. to me it appears to be really cheap! made for performance – step sequencer

3) got children? do the techno with your synthesizer..
Blipblox – Synth

Blipblox Pre-Release Introduction

Echo Machine @ Forum: #362

5) Rossum Electro – Assimil8or 8 voice Sampler in Eurorack – ready! looks differently now!
be shown, be shipping, be final – they say!

Rossum Asimil8or Sampler
Rossum Asimil8or Sampler

6) New Modular Synth – Software – Voltage Modular
drums – classic design – easy – you can code your one ones as well – looks cool – like the nord modular was but just software – and softube / vcvrack

Cherry Audio Intros Voltage Modular

voltage modular softsynth
voltage modular softsynth

src: #517

7) Panoptigan – Optigan = Optical Disc + Organ – 70s LoFi Sampling – brought back to NAMM with this prototype:

See @ NAMM! PANOPTIGON Prototype - New 2018 Optigan / Orchestron Disc Player

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