NAMM 2015 – Doepfer Trigger Sequencer & Synthex/Oberheim Minipoly Mockups

.News from the NAMM 2015 synth pre-leakage II Doepfer haben auch ein paar neue Ankündigungen, darunter auch dieser Trigger Sequencer Doepfer posted a PDF with new modules, one of those being a new trigger sequencer. UPDATE: these are fun & fake: Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen of course both faked – but cute. die hier sind niedlich, aber natürlich Fake, aber hier ein paar Gedanken zu 2015 – Comeback der analogen Polysynths angesichts der vielen Clones wie Odyssey und MS20 Mini – hier ein paar Gedanken…

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Doepfer Dark Energy 2 replaces the old one (CEM reasons)

Forum • Dark Energy 2. this synth is without the FM Knob – replaced by filter type  which is new –  since the  Curtis CEM Chips run out of stock and something had to be done. so it’s slope went to 12dB/Oct. so the new Dark Energy will be close but not the same as the frist batch. The Waveforms available are Saw and Rectangle, since the pure higher harmonics triangle wave is not as important as on the FM-capable model. it also has improved stability. the VCA will be at exponential…

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