Propellerheads Reason 5 & Record 1.5

These are the new devices in Reason 5. Most of it dedicated to Drums and Looping/Sampling in Real time but looks like there is still no MIDI out which has been the main reason why I went for Hardware those days –

– Record for Reason Owners Sidegrade (includes Reason 5 upgrade) EUR €149
– Reason 5 Upgrade from any version EUR €99
– Record 1.5 Upgrade from any version free download
– Record Reason Duo EUR €405
– Reason EUR €305
– Record EUR €279

the integration of all the internal synths is still cool and well integrated and looks like they try to do the audio thing via devices which isn’t bad at all. There’s Pitch Correction „Auto Tune“ called Neptune, a „Battery“ Style MPC Look Drum Engine called Kong and some Modules that simulate analogue drum modules, compressors, filters etc. so Reason 5 is somewhat modular. See more on this on Gearjunkies

Same with Record 1.5. It is very close to be sort of DAW for Reason but it’s all just for internal synth, MIDI is not going out. but it can handle everything internal..

they still rely on ReWire for ext.stuff.

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