Radikal – new polyphonic synth 5 Oct.Keyboard planned (non Spectralis one)

Here’s the Quote from Jörg Schaaf..

Musik Messe Frankfurt (End of March) could be the next chance to seeing it..

No – its not a Spectralis 3 and its not a Spectralis keyboard version. But it is a very special keyboard…

I don’t believe, that we will have another Spectralis version before summer.

via Spectralis :: View topic – For when the new OS?.

UPDATE: Jörg has posted it is a polyphonic 5 Octave Symth with Arpeggiator and Sequencer.

PS : Jörg hat grade bekannt gegeben, dass es sich um einen 5 OKtaver handelt mit Arper und Sequencer und polyphoner Klangerzeugung.

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