Rather good demos: Roland SH01 & D05 & GR1 // 2x Make Noise 0-Coast-Eurorack-Modules

I think these demos sound like “ this is cool, I want one. Diese beiden Demos klingen doch mehr nach „ich will einen“, daher mal extra.

Roland D05: (hier)

Roland D-05 Synth Demo — Daniel Fisher

Roland SH01A: (hier)

Bjords of Canadia (Roland SH-01A)

and just because it is interesting GR1:

GR-1 as an FX unit - Live sampling and playback

not perfect, but…

Roland SH 01a INHALT Artist Bank Demo

Roland SH-01A Virtuell-Analoger Desktop Synthesizer Test + Demo (deutsch)

Außerdem gibts 2 neue Module von Make Noise / 2 new modules from Make Noise:
0-Coast-Module ADSR -> Decay identical to // ist identisch mit Rel (Minimoog Style)
Contour as end-of-envelope-signals !!

and Dynamix are 2 LPGs (low pass filter without resonance) and VCA = buchla-style but based on transistors, not vactrols (faster) –
both part of the „0-coast“ series – so they are inspired of the 800€ synths – they are 120€ (lpgs) / 180€ (eg)

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