RME: Snow Leopard Updates for Fireface400/800 up & failed 10.6.1 – no Host – back to old version works

RME: Downloads.

This fixes some smaller issues with OS X Snow Leopard. It worked fine before, but switching Interfaces without rebooting caused some serious Kernel Panic before, so this is the fix on all drivers.

But with my OS X 10.6.X it did not work, going back to the old buggy thing and be warned. Red LED – no host shown, back to previous version – all works – not brilliantly but it works. so try yourself.

DownloadMac OS X SL (10.6) Intel driver for Fireface 400/800, version2.64a. Supports 10.5 in 32 bit, 10.6 in 32 bit and 64 bit.10/15/2009fireface_x86.zip
Mac OS X SL (10.6) Intel Treiber für Fireface 400/800, Version 2.64a. Dieser Treiber unterstützt 10.5 32 Bit sowie 10.6 32 Bit und 64 Bit.15.10.2009fireface_x86.zip

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