Roland Integra 7 Rack Synth, Remote Keys 49/88 and a funny vocal trainer

this seems a mixture from the Jupiter 50/80 series and vdrums based on samples and physical modeling – and an iPad app to control surround 5.1 in the „listening field“ between your speakers.
since there is not much said about synthesis and structure we’d assume it is the Gaia/Jupiter50/80 new style sound engine which is about layering and quite classic structure ->; INTEGRA-7: SuperNATURAL Sound Module.UPDATE: Yes – it is in fact a Jupiter 80 Rack – maybe cool for everyone who do not need 73 keys and might want to choose yourself. it’s the same engine and features ..

also Roland has a 88-key keyboard (light weight!) out with rather small case, so this may be cool for live ambition along with computers. it’s called A88 MIDI Keyboard Controller – additional to that there are 49-key versions named A49.

fun thing: a vocal trainer that seem to „invert“ autotune. it will tell you if you sung all your stuff right and comes in a small round case which looks like „Senso“ that 80’s game. 3 colours ;) it’s correct name is VT-12: Vocal Trainer,

Free Editor App Screenshot – since it is free – nice to check the architecture, very much like Gaia plus Samples 3 Layers, multiple of them..

note to everyone: I will NOT repost older things when videos are added but will add updates to the current posts now like:
updates: Wavegenerator ipad synth (video), Magellan ipad synth (Video demo added)


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