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Roland SH Synthesizer
Roland Modular Synthesizer System 100 100m 700
Roland Jupiter Synthesizer + Promars
Roland Programmer mks Rack jx8p jx10 jx3p
Roland Juno + Alpha Juno Synthesizer
Roland JV JD Sampler Fantom RomplerRoland JV JD800 Sampler Fantom Rompler
Roland JP800 JP8080 SH32 VA Synthesizer
Roland JP800 JP8080 SH32 VA Synthesizer
Roland Vsynth d-beam Variphrase VariOSRoland Vsynth d-beam Variphrase VariOS
Roland Drum machines TR-808 TR-909 CR-78 TR-606
Roland MC Series, Groovegear, TB303

Roland Synth + Drummachines overview..

Roland Synthesizers
Roland History – the Roland SH series

Roland was founded in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehasi, Japan (prior companies: ace (drum machines and electronic organs and kakehashi musen), first synthesizer: 1972 – mr kakehashis biography is available as a book from robert olsen, sh1000 preset synthesizer with ADSR env and some „unconventional“ parameters, not to confuse with the real preset synth sh2000, Roland SH2 (did I mention this synth sh-2 ? 2VCOs, another 1 subosc, quite typical SH with 2 ENV,
the 1978 built SH-1 was some sort of prototype for a number of SH synths to come in the mid/late 70ies.. well, the sh3, sh5 and system 100 were earlier (1974-76), but the sh1 was more „compact“..

RolandRoland Synth overview..
  • Analogue Trigger Roland: 5-15V (20ms min.) – positive gate pulse
    find DIN SYNC pins and describtion here:
  • DRUMCOMPUTER / DRUM MACHINE SECTION – > TR series / TR909, TR808, TR707, TR606 etc. CR78..
    drum machines out trig: 10-15V positive gate pulse find DIN SYNC pins and describtion in this SECTION!
  • see Roland Vocoders..

modular pin connections and DIN SYNC 5 pole DIN:

modular pinsmodular pins cont’ed DIN SYNC (DRUMCOMPUTER , TR series)
Pin 1 power/15V-
Pin 2 power/15V+
Pin 3 gate
Pin 4 trigger
Pin 5 power/GROUND
Pin 6 your CV
Pin 1 power/15V+
Pin 2 gate
Pin 3 N/A
Pin 4 LED pos.
Pin 5 trigger
Pin 6 power/15V-
Pin 7 power/GROUND
Pin 8 CV
DIN SYNC: same as tb303, TR606, TR707 (also with midi)
pins on the roland DIN sync:
from left to right:
3 tempo clock
5 fill in
2 ground (middle pin!)
4 reset & start
1 start/stop
midi pins? check this
for linking DIN 6pinalso DIN.. the DIN SYNC Interface PINS

THE ROLAND SYNTHESIZERS ARE (click the menu above):

  • SH Series
    SH101 / test / audio / MC202 / CMU810 , SH series: (sh1,sh2,sh7,sh5,sh3a, sh101)
    -SH5 / schematic / tricks /audiotrack , faster LFOs for system 100 & SH5 , Roland SH5 only track + Roland SH7
  • JUPITER SERIES: Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, Promars MRS2 / Jupiter 4
  • Juno 6 – 60 -106 , Alpha Juno 1 / 2 mks 50 series / pg300
  • Modular System 100m / System 700, modular series
    System 100 the smaller semi modular..
  • Groovebox TB303, mc303, mc505 , mc307, sp606, MC909 groovebox SP/MC/TB series: here
  • DRUMCOMPUTER: Ace, TR 808, TR 909 , CR78 etc..
  • JX Series: JX8P / JX3P / super JX / JX10 – (–>JX8P test deutsch/german)
  • PG programmer , and MKS racks / expanders / cmu800

Roland Digital Synthesizer

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