SoundScaper – Sampler Glitch/Circuit Bending Synth (iPad Synth App) + FieldScaper Warpfield-Recorder (iPhone)

this thing needs a newer iPad – it loads samples and is a synth with 3 LFOs – so it is fine enough to be just a sample mangler standard – but in addition to that it has some sort of glitch-effects aboard that do „circuit bending“ to it and reshape it. seems reduced in price at the moment (6€) – so check this video or all of these audio demos at their site


Ein Synthesizer der Samples lädt und diese mit Glitch-Effekten versehen kann. Aber – das ist nicht einfach LoFi sondern klingt dennoch eher nach Circuit Bending und ähnlichen Dingen. Da nicht pauschal einfach ein Bitcrusher aktiviert wird. Allerdings braucht man ein schnelleres iPad dafür, also besser kein iPad 2 und es gibt eine Art Sonderpreis zur Zeit 6€. … i-lab.html

Source: Forum: SoundScaper


  • Three sample-based oscillators with circuit bending like controls.
  • Three LP, HP, BP filters and two range delay for each oscillator.
  • Spatial mixer/reverb with side and distance for each sound source.
  • Three low frequency oscillators for automation mixer and filters.
  • Possibility to randomly generating parameters for each oscillator.
  • Built-in library of natural samples grouped by categories.
  • Scenes for storing and loading all operation parameters.

Additional features:


  • Advanced control panel for all faders and rotary knobs opened by double tap.
  • Possibility to download additional samples in different audio formats.
  • Each sound source in spatial mixer has equalizer and individual reverb options.
  • Uploading samples thru Web access, audio clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
  • Different color schemes available for the user interface.
  • Detailed application description.
  • Supports Audiobus with „State Saving“ feature.
  • Inter-App audio compatible.

Außerdem kommt dieser Recorder und Verarbeitung-Apps für Aufnahmen aus der Wildnis (damit hier nicht nochmal Field-Recording steht). – sie nennen es:

FieldScaper – Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor.

Advanced field recorder combined with sound warp engine with an extensive collection of ready to use dynamic presets lets you discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps.

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