Stria iOs – 240 FM Operators and John Chowning

this allows the use of 240 FM Oscillators. It’s NOT a DX7, but John Chowning once had a hard time to do this, so that was in 1977, now it’s time for an app that does all of it – still wish for a nice 6OP FM DX7/FS1R/SY99 kind of app! I love FM, I will always love you!!

Stria for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

and here’s John Chownings work from the 70’s:
he is the father of the Yamaha dx /TG/  SY99 /fs1r series, they bought it out of his hands and they went to do it for eveyone. first for underestimation like on 80’s pop but also for others..

want to meet John?

John Chowning 2007

john chowning
john chowning

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