Sunsyn gets OS2.0

SunSyn 2.0 Update

Later in 2008, we will bring out a final firmaware upgrade for SunSyn.
It will add some important functions as Midi Wave import by
Sysex dunp and some other improvements in OS like better
autocalibration functions and better Midi performance.
It will also address the system stability and offer a stable firmware
bios that won´t be able to crash and frustrate our valued customers.
A processor update is required, too, and so it´s neccessary for existing
SunSyns that they will be shipped to Jomox or to an authorized
service station in order to install the hardware upgrade.

This also implies that this update is not for free, but it will offer
years of trouble-free enjoyment of this wonderfull sounding
unique bolide synth.

via swissdoc @ Forum: SunSyn 2.0 Update

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